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Ruben Herrera

Regional Sales Manager

How long you’ve been working on the stone industry: 4 years
Hobbies: Going to concerts, exercising, and spending time with family.
Favorite Food: Mom’s home cooking.
Favorite Natural Stone: Calacatta Macchia


Ruben Herrera is a Regional Sales Manager at Allure Natural Stone where he manages both local and regional customer accounts. Ruben is the “rookie” of the Allure group with four years of experience in the stone industry. He Joined the team shortly after earning his bachelor’s degree in business from the University of North Texas. Allure’s principles of customer service and product quality align perfectly with Ruben’s passion for helping his clients. He is an asset to his customers and has earned a great reputation in the industry.  When he is not driving around the metroplex or out of town visiting clients you can catch him with his better half, his wife Caitlin.

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